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Accounting & Business Advice

M R Salvage Limited is a well established practice, offering more than the usual range of accountancy services. We provide practical advice and a wide range of financial services to help small and medium sized businesses in the UK.

But what makes us so different?

  • Director Contact - the director you initially deal with is your main contact for all business matters, and will respond quickly to any request for assistance.
  • Big Firm Experience - all directors and many staff have 'big firm' accountancy backgrounds but understand small company problems.
  • Hands On Approach - all directors are 'doers' involved in the detail of client work as well as leading the team.
  • Professional Network - we have a good network of business resources we can call on and will provide comprehensive services for you when you need them.
We can help you - especially if you are a limited company, a sole trader or partnership, an individual, or an overseas company setting up in the UK. Please contact us to find out more.
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